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We often see good players become a little bit prone to hitting the push shot. Remember a push for a right-handed golfer is right and staying right with very little curvature. Good players often hit a push shot particularly when they are under pressure or they are trying to hit a straight shot, a really straight one, so they have got a powerful trees down on one side, water down the other side, really trying to focus on hitting it straight, and they end up with a little weak to the right-hand side push shot and that often happens because the player looks like they are trying to steer the ball little bit too much.

Good players will generally attack the ball from an inside path trying to hit a drawer shot but a drawer shot relies on the fact that the club face will more left than the path as impact but if you steer the golf ball its generally going to result in a nice, a tension-filled grip that there is too much tension in the grip, you don't release the hands that impact, the face stays open to target and square to the path and the ball just leaks out to the right hand side. It often happens when good players are under pressure.

So if you are resulting in push shots instead of nice drawer shots, could be the case that there is too much tension in the grip and you are not releasing the golf club freely enough, so just go ahead and make some nice loose practice swings where you let your hands release freely through the ball. That way where you can still have the club nicely down on the inside but releasing the club head through impact would produce a drill shot from right to lift rather than a right, staying right push shot. So make sure there is not tension and steering that is causing the ball to stay right with the push.