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So if we’re understanding the spinning out idea is quite a common fault and happens to quite a few golfers. Well let’s assess why does that happen? Why is that fault so common for lot of players? There’s really three main reasons I’d like to touch on today.

So the first reason is just going to be simply trying to hit it too hard. You know the golf club to the top of the backswing in a decent position and try and batter it from there is a fairly common thing a lot of golfers do to get to the top. The hands and the arms work too much in front of them. That causes them to swing back across themselves and therefore they’re spinning out of the ball. They’re not synchronizing and utilizing their body in the right way. They’re from the top trying to leather it and trying to hit it too hard. So if you feel like you’re spinning out, initially just take 10% or even 20% out of the power that you’re trying to hit the golf ball, see whether you can improve your spin out ratio by improving how hard you’re trying to hit the golf ball.

The next thing that causes a lot of people to spin out through the golf ball is actually nerves. They’re just a bit anxious. They’re a bit anxious particularly to see where that golf ball goes and to pull their arms in to try and help the ball off the floor. So we see a lot of golfers that will be looking up to see where it goes and lifting their arms in. So as we look up and we lift our arms and generally we’re going to be over the top of the golf ball in some sense, we’re not staying down and being committed to a good strike, but we’re getting anxious to see where the ball goes. So trying to hit the ball too hard and then being a bit nervous, they’re two big causes of why people spin out of the shot.

Another area why spinning out is quite a bit of a problem is sometimes just that we have other faults in the swing that results in that, and one particular one is actually poor posture. So we see people in a decent address position, decent posture here even, but then they lose their posture in the backswing, they’ve stood up and there from too high position you spin at the golf ball and you’re already effectively standing up, so you might top the ball but effectively you’ve topped the ball now. This is where the fault was when you come down and throwing your too highs, you try and get through the golf ball there. Some people are so conscious of keeping their head down, they stay really low on the backswing. They’re here but you can’t hit the ball from here, you’d hit the ground there. Half the spin out as you hit the shot when you jump backwards, lift your chest up, top the ball across the floor. So all of those things relate to how people are spinning out and the causes of why they’re spinning out. And if we can address those problems, we can stop you spinning out as well.