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If you are a natural fader of the golf ball, you generally like to hit the ball on a left to right flight for the right-handed golfer but recently you have noticed that you started to develop a little bit more of a pull shot. This could be an issue where the club face is closing down too much and it’s actually becoming squarer to the swing path, rather than squarer towards the target line. So if I am swinging on an out to in path, now that might not be ideal for lot of golfer but some people play well with the fade they come over the top they keep the face open to the path by coming out to in with a slightly open face, but if the club face starts to roll down and close and get square to the path, it is going to actually take the cut spin off the ball and produce a ball that is left straight left which is effectively a pull.

So you might have your natural fade swing all looking good but then it starts getting a bit handy [Phonetic] [00:01:01] through the ball, the club face closes down too much, you are swinging left but the face is also aiming left and it turns into a pull. So if you want to get back to your natural fade, keep the downswing a little bit outside the line but try and work the left hand more in front of the right hand rather than the right hand overtaking and get a feeling of the badge on the back of your glove is staying upwards a little bit longer maybe even feeling a little rightwards as well, so the badge stays up into the right rather than left in the right hand roll-down over the top left which closes the club face to the intended target, squares it up the swing path that might be bad as an out to in movement, as bad as outward unless the face is more open than it is, if it is coming leftwards and the face is aiming leftwards, that's where you get your pull shot from.

So focus on the left hand, aiming more to the right badge aiming a bit higher and get back to hitting a nice little control fade shot.