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Now if you remember the pull shot is a shot that starts left of target and finishes left of target and flies in a relatively straight line for the right-handed golfer, we could look at why the pull shot is happening. Now if I have checked my alignments and I am now aiming in a nice straight position which is the yellow line here or the edge of the mat here, so I have set myself up and I am aiming into the right position but the swing path must be coming left of target and the club face must be square to that path to produce this leftward but straight flying shot, so if I set up in a nice position, everything is looking good, but then I make my down swing and I come over the top, I sort of cast the club outside the line over the top as we would suggest, the club then travels left of my intended target line and if the face is square to that path, the ball is left staying left with very little side spin.

So if that is your pull shot, you have checked your alignment, but you are still pulling it, question whether you are over the top and cutting across, get up checked out by video camera or local PJ golf professional and make sure that your swing path can feel a little bit more online s, feel like you are hitting more out to the right hand side, down the target line and if then you will face you square to that path you would see a ball that flies straighter, still with very limited side spin so it wouldn’t be drawing too much fading too much but it definitely wouldn’t be pulling left, so pull shot could be caused by over the top and its dragged down the left hand side. Check your swing path to stop pulling the golf ball.