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If you are struggling with an iron shot that is flying too low and its not really getting up into the air and giving a nice high soaring trajectory that you want to see, if you have already checked your ball position, you have already checked your hand position, there is one other area that we might want to look at for you and that's going to be body weight is at setup and during the impact phase. If you feel that you are setting up and your body weight is too much on to your front foot, you could be leaning your body weight into the left side, maybe 60 or 70% left side for the right-handed golfer, you are in this position, that's going to promote an impact position where your hands are too far head but also you could be getting quite steep because of that, so the steeper back swing, the steeper down swing, the club is chopping on top of the ball, and not providing the ball with the right launch conditions to get it up in the air, high and flying.

Now I wouldn’t necessarily advocate leaning back and trying to scoop the ball up in the air. That certainly isn't going to work either but I think it would be nice to feel that with a 7 iron, we have neutral weight position at setup so your body weight is 50:50 left and right, 50:50 toes and heels, then during the swing you move marginally back into your right side maybe 60% back, turning through the golf ball through to impact and onto maybe 70% on the left side at impact, but we really don't want to start too much on the left side, because that would make you very, very steep throughout the swing.

So you start 50:50 move your body weight back 60:40, maybe through to the impact position, body weight 70:30 at impact, hands very slightly ahead of the golf ball as you hit it, right heel coming off the ground now and turning through and that should produce the right launch conditions to get a nice high carrying iron shot. If the ball is too far back, hand is too far forward, body weight on the left side, all these things promote a very steep very aggressive very choppy down swing. It’s going to hit the ball too low and not get into up in the air carrying over the bunker you wanted to land it on the green softly.