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Video Transcript

Here’s a little tip for you if you’d like to hit the golf ball further, particularly off the tee with your driver. I think most golfers given the choice would say that they’d like to be 10 or 20 yards further down the fairway, but not to the expense of accuracy. So here’s a few tips that hopefully will keep you hitting the ball nice and straight but also let you unleash a bit more power with your bigger clubs. When you set up the golf ball just make sure that your right foot if it is not your back foot for the right handed golfer is nice and wide but also nice and square.

Anything that’s too narrow and you can’t really turn and coil into your right side here. So it’s a nice wide stance, square that right foot up and then feeling your back when you load the power inside the instep of your right leg. That’s a nice coiled resisted movement there. You can then drive off that right side as you turn onto your left side unleashing the power this way.

Another great tip is to make sure you have a nice big backwards swing arc using the left shoulder to turn around underneath your chin so it doesn’t take your chin with you, but underneath your chin and try and wind that golf club upon a really nice broad arc. If you get on your left side and you get too narrow and you don’t rotate your shoulder, you’ll always struggle because you won’t have a nice wide swing. So turning that left shoulder right the way around underneath the chin, loading up on to the instep of the right side creates a nice powerful backswing, now, driving hard off that right leg, extending the arms down the target and really feeling a big stretch right from the club head through the arms down to the tiptoe, releasing that power that you built upon the backswing but then keeping a nice balanced finish. It’s important you don’t knock yourself off balance because that will definitely decrease your accuracy.

Another good way of getting a bit more club head speed here would actually be to swing a weighted club, so get yourself a weighted training or even just grab two of your own clubs together. Spend a few minutes each day swinging that weighted club although it’s two clubs together just to build the extra muscles that you need and to feel of how you can turn and resist and release and extend on the way through. And hopefully by following those tips you’ll keep the driver nice and straight and hit it a little bit further.