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So one of the cause that might be resulting in you hitting the golf ball too high could be the fact that you are cutting or slicing the golf ball slightly. So if you hit iron shots that seem to fly higher than your friend’s and sometimes shorter than your friend’s iron shots, it could be that you are swinging on an out to in path with the club faces open to that path. So if I am setting up down the target line hit aimed towards the camera and my club is coming from across this way as we classes them out to in and my club face is open to the out in line, effectively when I open the club face, I actually add loft to it, so my club is aiming straight here with a 7 iron with that loft.

If I open the club face, this would now look like an 8, 9 or even a pitching kind of loft, so if I am hitting out to in with the open face, I add too much loft to that face generating too much back spin but little bit of a tilted back spin, we might call that a side spin, the ball then curves left to right and stalls in the air and then comes down. Its going to be particularly noticeable if I hit that shot with a left to right cross wind for the right handed golf cutting the ball with a left to right cross wind or into a headwind that is going to be particularly noticeable, the ball would just hit the wind and stall and then really die off to the shot and on the right hand side.

So if you hit a lot of iron shots that constantly come up in the front right hand bunker, we might come to know whether you are hitting across the ball with a cutting action, so out to in with an open face. If that is the case, try and investigate some drills where you are going to get the club a little bit more behind you, attacking the ball a little bit more from the inside and then focus on squaring the club face up a little bit more, so the club would come from a flat and more down behind you position and then working the club face into a square position just to eradicate some of the cutting spin on the ball, so iron shots that fly too high and move left to the right in the air, the face would be open to the swing path putting high cut spin on the ball, finishing short and right. Drawing the ball or hitting the ball straighter would bring the ball flight down give you a little bit more penetration from your irons and possibly a little bit more distance as well.