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If you are striking the ball well with your irons and you check your fundamentals of ball position and hand position, you still hitting the golf ball too low, there may be issues relating to the amount of spin or curving spin that you are putting on the golf ball particularly if you have a tendency to hook the ball as in turning it from right to left quite dramatically. So if I turn around to the camera this way, if I was to have the club face aiming more left than my swing path, that takes loft off the club, so my 7 iron has this much loft, if I aim the club face left, it has less loft, its delofting the golf club, turning it down to a 6 or even a 5 iron. So if I was swinging dramatically from in to out and having the club face close to that path, I have de-lofted the club as well. It would have a lower right to left flight and for example, if I was going the opposite way and slicing or cutting the ball from out to in with an open path…sorry an open phase to that path that would have a higher more back spinning curving flight from left to right.

So if you are hitting the ball very low, just concentrate whether you are hooking the golf ball, this might be related to the fact you are aiming right, you are swinging from the inside too much, you are releasing and closing the club phase too much and you are hitting the old nose balls that just curve into the ground this way, so go ahead and check your alignment, check your path is a little bit squarer, try and keep the phase square to that swing path and square to target rather than having the club phase closing over too much. So lower ball flights can be caused by hooking the golf ball too much as well.