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As we have come to understand now, pull shot will be called because the swing path is left of your intended target line and the face is square to that swing path for the right handed golfer that's going to produce a shot that starts left and stays left. So if I am setting up down the target line here, the target line is the line of the mat, I am at a setup position, my swings are looking good and everything is hitting the ball nicely on line but if I lean back during this process and I get too much body weight on my back leg, swing back this way, and stay back that could cause the club to come over the top as in out of front of me, it could then cause my followthrough to be much more around my body and a flatter followthrough people.

Leaning back will also promote a little bit more wrist rotation or club face closure and that could result in the path going left with the face going left as well and causing pull shots, you often have to think about cricket or playing cricket would be on the back leg and hooking back this way to cause the ball to pull down the left hand side, so if you can work on getting your body weight a little bit more forward that should encourage the club to drop a little bit more from the inside, particularly if you initiate your down swing on your shift with your body weight from your hit, so if I take the golf club to the top and then move my bottom half out of the away very quickly that initiates a drop in the golf club more from the inside hits more out to the right reducing the chance of a pull shot, if I take the golf club to the top lean back too much and initiate a down swing from the shoulders, that could be over the top coming left into a flatter followthrough and that's going to have that ball left, staying left pulling down the left hand side.

So good setup and good alignment, get back but then get forwards predominantly from the hips bring the club on the inside line and hit them straighter and higher finishing followthrough rather than leaning back pulling across the body tweaking it down the left hand side, work on your body weight transfer to try and reduce the pull shots.