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If you start with hitting the golf ball too low, particularly with your mid to short irons and considering that you strike the ball well, so you are getting good contact on the ball, you feel like you got the right club but your iron shots fly a lot lower than your partner’s or your colleague’s golf shots that fly higher, we could consider whether you are delofting the golf club through the impact phase, so if I take my 7 iron, I have checked my ball position is correct, just slightly left to center, but I feel as I hit the ball, the club has got less loft on it, there is probably a chance that your hands are too far in front of the golf club, at impact, now that might be caused by the hands being too far in front of the golf ball at setup as well, so as you setup, if your handle points well in front, every degree that my handle is in front of the golf ball is effectively taking loft off the club face.

Now you consider that each club in your bag is 3 to 4 degrees different from the next club it might hand at least 8 to 12 degrees ahead here, I have changed it down by 2 or 3 clubs. Then as I punch into the golf ball of impact, I have got very little loft on my 7 iron and it scooped in too low. So the first thing is to check that your hands aren’t too far ahead of setup, the handle pointing just inside your left hip here is fine, if the handle points outside of your left hip and beyond your body, its probably too much de-lofted already. So keep the golf club little bit more on the hip. I then try and return the golf club back to that same position so impact again, the club does point to my left hip, if the club points beyond my left hip and I have got too much angle break in my left wrist here, there is a good chance I am pointing the ball too low, not hitting it high enough, try and get the feeling that your hands are level or slightly ahead of the golf ball through impact to hit your 7 iron on the neutral loft to a really nice high lying shots, so when ball position is good, hands should be very slightly ahead but not too much. Go ahead and work on that, see if you can get your iron shots flying higher.