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Video Transcript

Okay, so we’re in the putting green, the key really after having done all this work is to try and hole as many short putts as possible. So what I like to do with the short putt, you try and key things into three zones. The first zone I want to talk about is to actually think about what you’re going to do. So by thinking here is the putt, I’ve had a lot behind it, I’m looking at the lie, I’m picking my marker out, I’m thinking about the task that’s actually ahead of me, so that is zone one. So when you’re coming along is about taking all the information in, is it straight, is it left or right, just the think zone, so that’s number one.

Number two I want to think about the feel, the feel, is it downhill putt in which case it’s a very soft feel, is it an uphill putt in which case the feel just a little bit more, a little bit firmer. So number two is the feel, so we’ve got the think, we’ve got the feel and the last thing I want you to do is the play. It’s when you get yourself into this position with that information that you’ve just taken on board and now we’re going to play the short. And the play the short is basically where you must have taken that information in; you’ve got that feel and then from here play the short. It’s as simple as that three zones, go and work on this and you should see good progress.