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For a real punch of power when you are hitting the shot, you need your arm muscles to be really firing, an important kind of makeup of the arms is the Tri-cep because as you are coming down to impact the Tri-cep is extending especially in the left arm but as you are coming through, also the Tri-cep is extending in the right arm. Now if you can really get these muscles powerful, if you can get them flexible as well, you will really be able to hit the ball much, much further in conjunction with the rest of your golf workout and in conjunction with having the rest of the body healthy and fit as well. Now this exercise using a resistance band will either engage the Triceps and you can wear them and in a relatively stress free way whilst also strengthening them. Now very, very, simply, all we need to be doing is getting into a kneeling position using the resistance band, putting it down underneath the ankles or just on the base of the feet, just on the base of the socks, lifting the resistance band up, so it’s on the outside of the Triceps into a nice tall position with your back nice and straight. Getting the resistance band just behind the back of the head, holding them there for a moment but then working them up, holding them for a moment, relaxing back down, up for a moment, then relaxing back down. Now you can do this a number of times but do it in conjunction with the rest of your golf routine because you do need a balance between the muscles all throughout the body but if you can get the triceps working , you will be out to ride a punch of power into the shot.