The content below is going to deal with off the toe golf shots. There are two general places you can miss with your impact – off the toe, and in off the heel. Since toe golf shots are more common than are heeled shots, it is useful to take a closer look at what causes toe hits in golf, and what can be done to correct the problem. Most of the time, you won’t need a radical swing change in order to get yourself straightened out. Even just by making a couple simple tweaks and doing a couple basic drills, you can get your impact position ironed out in no time.

Toe – Golf Lessons & Tips

As you work on how to stop hitting golf shots off the toe, you need to keep an open mind and realize that there may be issues in your swing that you aren’t currently aware of. When you are struggling hitting golf ball on toe of the club, that is a sure sign there is a mechanic issue somewhere hiding within your swing. However, by reading through the content below, you should gain a good understanding of what causes toe hits in golf and what steps you need to take to eliminate this problem from your game.

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