checking clubs length

If you tend to make contact on the toe of the club, the first thing to do is check your equipment. 

Shafts that are too long for your swing will cause toe contact, as will clubs that lie too flat (horizontal). Check this on a level surface, like a wood floor or asphalt path, by taking your normal stance; if the heel of your club is off the ground at address, the lie is too flat. 

Provided your clubs aren’t the issue, it could be a simple matter of balance or ball position. If you lean back on your heels at address, or stand too far from the ball, toe contact is sure to ensue. Make sure your weight is evenly distributed between the heels and balls of your feet, and that your arms hang freely rather than reaching for the ball. 

Experiment with ball position on the driving range until you find the sweet spot – the proper distance for your swing plane and path. It will be different with each club, but practice enough and it will become second nature before long. 

If your setup is sound, look to your swing for the answer. Swaying off the ball, rather than turning the hips and shoulders, is a common cause of poor contact.

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