Toe Golf Shot Drill: Swing and Miss on the Outside

Here’s a drill in which the object is to actually swing and miss the golf ball.

Sounds crazy, but it just might cure your toe hits.

Like many golf drills, this one relies on exaggerating the correct movement in order to eliminate your mistake. In the case of toe contact, you’re likely pulling the arms inward, toward your body, on the downswing and moving the club’s toe – rather than the sweet spot – into line with the ball.

Here’s the drill:

  • Using a wedge or short iron, set up normally with the ball in the center of the clubface.
  • Make your standard backswing.
  • Coming down, swing so the clubhead reaches across to the other side of the ball, missing it completely.
  • You may be uncomfortable with the concept, fearing that you’ll strike the ball with the hosel or heel of the club. If so, just stick a tee in the ground in place of the ball and swing away.
  • Whether using a ball or tee, your club should brush the ground on the way through – check to make sure the mark is outside the ball. That means you’re doing it correctly.
  • Make five swings with this drill, then try hitting a golf ball. Your toe shots may turn into heel contact, which is OK – it means you’re getting the hang of extending your arms.