Nike Lunar Command Golf Shoe Review
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    1. Nike Lunar Command Golf Shoe Review

    The Nike Lunar Command golf shoes are designed to offer you all the comfort you’ll ever need, all day performance and an outstanding feather light design. These shoes come with one year waterproof warranty from Nike and they’re available in a Pure Platinum/Volt/Black colorway.If you’re not happy with the grip/traction, Nike offers replacement spikes for optimum/custom made traction and perfect/close to the ground control. If you want to elevate your golf game to a higher level, just go for it and get yourself a pair of Nike’s Lunar Command and you’ll benefit greatly from their special “powers”: unparalleled traction and comfort at a competitive price! The springy and responsive midsole is outfitted with Nike’s Phylon technology while the upper is built from synthetic microfiber, which translates into waterproofness and breathability.

    Adidas ADICROSS IV Golf Shoe Review
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    2. Adidas ADICROSS IV Golf Shoe Review

    Cushioning and comfort is guaranteed all day long by the cloudfoam sockliner and also by to the extra EVA cushioning that lays underneath the sockliner and the classic adicross street last. Everything contributes to the ultra light feel and amazing comfort, especially the puremotion midsole, that imitates the natural motion of the bare foot, I.e. fast reaction time, stability and efficiency. The outsole is built to last and incorporates ADIWEAR tech for high wear resistance. As you can see, despite their relatively modest price tag, the Adidas ADICROSS IV are packed with high tech features, making for an excellent “all rounder” golf shoe, being available in three colorways to choose from.

    Ashworth Leucadia Tour Golf Shoe Review
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    3. Ashworth Leucadia Tour Golf Shoe Review

    For enhanced levels of comfort and cushioning during your swings, these golf shoes feature an EVA heel insert and a KHP foam insole, which work together with incredible results; you’ll have to try it for yourself to see what I’m talking about. Retailing for $170/pair, the Leucadia Tour feature a design aimed at “old school” golf players, meaning that they have a classic, timeless look which is very popular nowadays in the golf community. What’s very striking at a first glance is the stitched saddle, in good Ashworth tradition, which boasts the company’s perfect attention to details and impeccable craftsmanship. Another nice touch from Ashworth is the extra set of laces these shoes are delivered with and also the leather welt built, with premium details (the stitching).

    Oakley Cipher 4 Golf Shoe Review
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    4. Oakley Cipher 4 Golf Shoe Review

    They feel like they’re not there, providing you with proper ventilation, outstanding comfort and zero fatigue during your game. And on top of that, they look amazing. Oakley managed to keep the weight down using their latest technology, namely the Nanospike system on this spikeless design golf shoe. As far as grip/traction goes, these babies will perform admirably, being almost as good as traditional spiked/cleated golf shoes. The exceptional amount of grip is due to the outsole design which features heavy textured sandpaper patches (the Nanospike thing). Also, the Nanospikes are user replaceable; a replacement kit retails for about $20, so you don’t have to worry about wear and tear. Bottom line, it will be hard to get a better pair of golf shoes at this price, but be warned: I recommend these only for fair weather golfers or indoors use.

    Adidas Tour 360 x Golf Shoe Review
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    5. Adidas Tour 360 x Golf Shoe Review

    The Adidas Tour 360 X comes from the use of ThinTech technology, which offers an increased balance/stability and an efficient power transfer due to a lower center of gravity. There’s also worth mentioning the external heel counter working in tandem with the TPU saddle providing the shoe 360 WRAP stability. The CenTraXtion thingy is basically a design aimed at increasing stability thanks to an X pattern on the outsole. The re-designed TPU makes the 360x golf shoe lighter and also more flexible and stable during the swing. The midsole was improved by adding EVA foam, for additional cushioning and increased comfort. Traction, grip and stability were greatly improved in the adidas tour 360X golf shoe with the introduction of the low profile Stealth cleat design, which provides a larger surface area contact. What makes these golf shoes worth buying is their all terrain versatility, courtesy of the strategically placed zonal traction elements. You’ll also enjoy their unparalleled comfort and grip, the excellent forefoot flexibility, which makes them adaptable on every imaginable surface, at any angle.

    ECCO BIOM G2 Golf Shoe Review
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    6. ECCO BIOM G2 Golf Shoe Review

    The BIOM G2 is light weight yet very sturdy/solid and provides his wearer with great lateral support without compromising flexibility and comfort. You should be aware of the fact that these golf shoes are built for high performance, hence they’re strictly recommended for wearing on the golf course, due to their spiked outsole. The insole comes with a nice feature called silicon printing that reduces the movement of the foot inside of the shoe, adding stability and precision during your swing. The outsole features a SLIM-Lok cleat system developed by CHAMP Spikes, offering huge amounts of grip and traction in any kind of weather and on any type of turf. On top of all these state of the art technologies, the BIOM G2 golf shoes are also built to last you for years and years, showing only minimal signs of wear and tear after a year and a half of “golf abuse” by yours truly. If you want a high performance, good looking/stylish golf shoe that’s designed to provide you with great functionality, traction and support during your favorite game, just go for the ECCO BIOM G2, you’ll never regret it.

    FootJoy DryJoys Casual Golf Shoe Review
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    7. FootJoy DryJoys Casual Golf Shoe Review

    the DryJoys Casual are extremely comfortable golf shoes you can still wear after the game is over (to the pub, for example), yet they offer you enough grip on the turf in any situation, being the no-nonsense option for any respectable golf player. Rest assured, these shoes were designed primarily as golf shoes, not as a fashion statement, as they incorporate state of the art technology and design for long term performance and durability. As I see it, with DryJoys Casual, FootJoy managed to build one of the best spikeless golf shoes on the market and definitely their best so far. The DryJoys Casual comes with a $180 price tag and they’re available in six color ways : black, white, white/orange, black/white, navy/Carolina and brown/Taupe. Also, DryJoys Casual benefit from two years waterproof warranty in normal use.

    FootJoy Icon Black Golf Shoe Review
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    8. FootJoy Icon Black Golf Shoe Review

    Luxury and ergonomics were taken to the next level by FootJoy with the Icon Black as they managed to incorporate their latest technologies and design along with a fine selection of premium materials, creating the ultimate golfing shoes. Given the price tag, Icon Black features a high quality leather upper made of premium calfskin, which gives the shoe a high end appearance and also makes it waterproof. The insoles are leather lined and they’re designed for providing you with a comfy fit, thanks to the strategically placed cushioning. One of the most important upgrades consists of a new outsole, now having a stacked leather heel with leather inserts for improved traction and, why not, style. FootJoy also created a new last, which makes these shoes unparalleled in terms of comfort.

    Adidas Pure 360 LTD Golf Shoe Review
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    9. Adidas Pure 360 LTD Golf Shoe Review

    The Pure 360 LTD has a classic design with clean lines and they’re built using high end materials and impeccable craftsmanship. The upper is made of thin and soft full grain leather, which contributes decisively when it comes to feel and premium looks. Also, the Adidas Pure 360 LTD benefit from the 360Wrap system (the saddle is independent and it works along with the lace system for offering you excellent stability and grip) while the state of the art pureMotion midsole/outsole build enhances stability and offers great feedback during your swing. The sole is designed using the revolutionary nine spike ThinTech low profile Swing Plane Traction system, which also has a major contribution when it comes to stability, as it keeps your feet as close as possible to the ground.

    Oakley Carbon Pro 2 Golf Shoe Review
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    10. Oakley Carbon Pro 2 Golf Shoe Review

    To start with, the most impressive feature of the Carbon Pro 2 (the sequel) is their feather-light weight, or maybe I should use the words “lack of weight”. They feel like they’re not there to be honest, which is awesome! Another strong selling point for the Carbon Pro 2 is the PINS cleat system, featuring Oakley’s Performance Insert System. The outsole is simply amazing in terms of grip and traction, without sacrificing comfort in the process, which is rather unusual for spiked golf shoes. The Octostick technology works in tandem with the Red Code Plus, providing you with amazing shock absorption and cushioning, whilst the feedback/tactile feel remains unaltered during your swings. The fit offered by these golf @Zshoes is perfect thanks to the Ortholite Footbed feature, so your feet will not suffer from slippage during your game while the breathability and flexibility remain top-notch in any kind of weather.