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Video Transcript

Getting the feet set into an open position is something that many people do with their short game and with their chipping shots and it really does help preset an impact position. So what a full swing is is obviously a longer version of a chipping stroke. The chipping stroke really does give an insight into what you can achieve with that open stance. So with normal chip shot, if you’re not trying to do anything too crazy or flamboyant, the feet are going to be sat open to the target so are the hips, and you got to lean that a little bit away into the left side.

Now having the feet open, having the hips open, having the way on the left side, it pre-sets the impact’s position, which is kind of what we’re almost trying to do with the full swing when we set our hips open. So those feet being open, those hips being open and that weight, being on the left side presets the impact. As move our shoulders back and through, you’ll notice that this is parallel to the target line, so I’m not opening my shoulders with my body.

If I did that, the club will be traveling off to the left-hand side and I’d have to use a lot of loft and open up the club face to triangulate it back to target. So, the feet are open, shoulders are parallel to the target line and I’m moving my shoulders back and through. Now, if that all comes off, all I need to do, because my weight is set left, is literally rotate back and through with my body. So shoulders go back, shoulders go through as I hit.

My body is already preset into an impact position. I’ve cut out a lot of the moving parts that I don’t need. All you’re doing when you’re setting the feet open with a full swing to generate power is you’re cutting out one of the moving parts that you’ll need, which is the extra rotation of the hips. It can work for some people. They practice it using the short game to get a little bit more of the sensation of what it will be like when you start hitting full shots.