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Video Transcript

Okay, so just imagine you know all the greens in the world are flats, sometimes you get what we call a double tier, a two tier green, it’s where the green starts nice and flat, goes up a step and goes to another level, so you have that two tier effect. And what people tend to kind of forget is when they look at the putt, they’re looking from the distance from where their ball is to the flag. And what they forget is not just the measurement on the flat, but what about the actual height of the slope? Because if that is three foot high and it’s quite steep, it’s going to slow the ball down quite tremendously. So when you’re looking a two tier putt, the first thing is, if you’re below the hole, is we’ve got to get this ball on to the top tier. There’s no point in looking at it and thinking ‘oh yeah go, go, go’ and it just gets to the top and it rolls all the way back and you’re faced with the same putt all over again. So get down, have a look, and think right, okay we’ve got to get them to the top tier, that’s my number one goal, that’s the first bit of information top the top tier.

Then make sure you come to the side and make sure you feel, take your time, don’t just have a couple of wishy washies and go to the ball, prepare yourself, you might have just played two of the best golf shots to get there in the first place, lets not throw it all away, lets feel that swing, and once you’re happy with that, then let’s focus on lining ourselves up, club face on line for the marker, feet parallel, eyes over the top of the ball, nothing would be a good thing here to put that ball a little bit further forward in your stands. The reason why? That will help the club just to hit it a little bit more on the up, the feel of that ball is forward, the more the putter is actually coming up, you hit up is a bit more top spin and the one thing we want from below the hole is that extra top spin to get on to the top tier. So when you’re looking at that think about it.

Now let’s go to the other side, we’re now on the top tier, we’ve got a double tier but this time we’re coming down, so we’re on the top tier, we’re dropping down, on to a lower one, wow it’s going to be fast, it’s going to be very, very fast but the one thing on that put which is helpful is that you shouldn’t leave the putt you’re not. So when you’re over that, have a feel, remember all you’ve got to do here is just get it to the top of the first tier and then gravity will take over taking it down, because if you get the putt, and you literary put it off the top tier, the chances are you might put it off the front of the green. So when you look at that, just try and get it to tip toe left and like a waterfall just over the top, just almost stopping and the gravity will take it down.

So hopefully I’ve just opened your eyes to playing putts from below and above on a two tier green, you’ve got the information there, just go and put it into practice. Yes it’s a bit of fun with some of them, some of them are quite crazy especially when you’re playing abroad sometimes it’s impossible to stop a ball but think about what we’re talking about here, think about the approach and just tip toe it over the top from above and below always get the ball up on to the top tier, never look at the front, get it up to the hole. That’s my tip for a two tier green.