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Now, to maximize the distance that you could hit your driver, not only do we need fast club head speed and we need a good strike, it's also nice if we can draw the golf ball. It's often described as the better looking of the golf shots, drawing it nicely from right to left. But, remember, a draw shot finishes on target, moves from right to left for a right-handed golfer. So, therefore, the ball needs to start right of target. Now, one of the easiest ways for you to hit a draw shot would be to actually aim right of target where you'd want the ball to start and point the club face in slightly, effectively closing the club face to your stance line.

So if my target line was down the center of this mat from the rear view there and I want to start the ball right of target, if I turn my feet, my knees, my hips, more importantly my shoulders to aim right down the right hand side of the fairway. But then, just turn the club face in slightly, effectively closing the club face to my body position. Now make my normal swing--effectively, I'm swinging from an inside-outside swing path. Certainly aiming my body right to my target line means that I'm crossing my target line with an inside-outside swing path. But if my club face isn't square to my swing path, my club face is slightly close to my swing path, I would see the ball moving from right to left with a bit of spin.

It may not start exactly where I'm aiming because the club face will have more of an influence than my body line, but it will start the ball right of target and it will turn it back to the left. Now, you can utilize that with your driver to generate extra distance on the ball and stop the weak, distant, sapping cut shot or slice shot that will go from left to right, which is actually caused by the opposite effect of swinging from out to in with an open club face. So if you want to maximize your distance off the tee, feel like you're pointing your feet down the right side, closing the club face as you come into impact or at setup to draw the ball from right to left.

Just be careful with this. I wouldn't want you to over exaggerate it too much and I don't think it's beneficial if you rely on this all of the time because ultimately if you're aiming right too much, you could just create big push shots, big block shots out to the right hand side or even quite a vicious snap hook back into the left. So, experiment with it to generate a bit of extra driver distance but make sure you still understand how important good alignment of feet and good alignment of club face are to hitting straight shots right the way through the rest of your bag.