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So we're back here with one of my old favorite ladder drill. This time we've got a ladder drill, the canes are laid out five paces apart each on the green over the top of this bunker there is a yellow cane took right over the top of the bunker if you can't say it which is my first one. And I'm trying to play flop shots on to here. So clubface is wide open, stance is wide open, balls forwards in the feet. We're just trying to fly the ball nicely over that first bump and over the first cane. Then we're going to try and add a little bit of pace and try and get it to land up in the second section which is passed the red cane.

So we landed in that cane to be extra special if I was able to keep it in that section and want to that ball would be spinning. So now I've got to land one more over the white cane before the yellow cane at the back there that 35 yard flop show here. Yeah a little bit of a pull, but it's actually landed in the right area so there we've got three canes – like a four canes laid up, but that gives us three ladder spaces five yards apart each. Now I can stand here with a handful of golf balls and try and toss the ball in each one of those sections. When I've hit a section I can move on to the next section. And if you've got three sections ideally you would get that drill finished within five balls. So one, two, three you'll add a couple of misses five balls you should finish that section. You can always put more canes or more clubs down if you want to use clubs. Space them out a little bit more, more, more and then I want you to go to that exercise and you've been able to hit three windows with five balls. Then bring the yardage back a bit those are spaced at five yards apart each they're taking itself taken a quite easy on myself really.

You could bring that back four yards, three yards, two yards. Then try it at yard. It's going to get harder as you do it, but each time you're practicing you're setting yourself this new challenge, this new level and your lob shots, your flop shots would get better and better and your yardage control on those flop shots would really improve nicely using that flop shot ladder game.