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How to get the most out of my practice session? When you actually go down to the range which is a positive thing, a lot of golfers don’t practice when they should do. If you do find yourself down at the driving range, you need to try and make the most out of it by working on a specific swing technique. Don’t just go down to the driving range hit ball after ball after ball, with nothing in mind. Before you go for a good range session, make sure you have a lesson, and make sure you pick out a certain aspect of your technique that you need to work on.

If you spend that range time working on a specific technique to actually improve your game, you will groove that, and then you will become a better golfer. If you just go down to a driving range, hit ball after ball after ball without working on a specific technique, you’ll actually start to groove your swing faults, and in the long term it’ll be harder to actually break out of those faults. So grab yourself a lesson, and make sure you work on a specific aspect of your technique.

One thing which you see a lot of people do and also is going down to the driving range, and just hitting driver after driver after driver. Vary your club selection; try every single club out using different shot shapes, different swings, vary up the practice so the whole of your game gets a work out. Don’t just focus on a single club and a single kind of shot shape. Work on a good technique, vary your clubs, and hopefully once you get on to the course, you’ll have a good technique but also a varied game which you can apply to most situations.