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Now I’ve already covered how to shape shots from left to right and also how to add height to these shape shots as well. But now let's talk about how you can shape the ball with a lower ball flight. Now we talked about how to hit a draw with the high ball flight. So let’s now switch around and let's talk about how to hit a low one with a fade. Now it's very similar in what we spoke about as far as the high shot is concerned. This is all about changing dynamic loft. So what the loft of the club is at impact, but also the angle of attack.

So the steeper the angle of attack and the lower the loft, the lower the initial starting point, and the actual lower the initial launch will be of this shot. Now to increase the angle of attack and to deloft the club to get a little bit more of an angle of attack and to decrease dynamic loft, there are certain things that you can be doing within your setup. So we’ll demonstrate this with a fade. Now normally with an 8 iron, my ball position is going to be in the middle of my stance. But what I'm going to do here is I am going to open my stance so I can get my club moving from out to in.

And I'm also going to add in a little bit more shaft length. Now you can see here a little bit of an exaggerated position, but you can see here how far my hands are ahead of the ball. And now what I'm going to do is I am also going to add a little bit of weight onto my left side. Now this moves my swing center even more forward and it will increase my angle of attack that I'm hitting down on the ball. Then what I'm going to do is I'm going to try and get my hands right ahead of the ball as I hit. So I am hitting that lower starting trajectory.

Now of course we want to be keeping these hands ahead. But now because that path is moving out to in, we want that club face to be slightly open to the path, and yet still close to the target. If you get those things working together, that initial starting point is going to be very, very low. And you are going to get that eventual curve back to the target without ballooning off up into the air.