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Video Transcript

Now we’ve just spoken about how you can shape the golf shots, about how you can hit your draws and your fade using path and face angles. Now let's have a look about how you can hit the ball high while still shaping those shots. So let’s for example talk about the – let’s talk about the draw, why not. Let’s talk about the draw. So for a draw as mentioned in previous video, we need our body to be aiming slightly off to the right of the target to encourage your path which moves from in to out. We need our club face close to our path, but still open to our target which will encourage that right to left ball flight.

However if you want to add in height then we need to start talking and changing about angle of attack and club loft. So if you were to try and hit a draw shot and move from in to out and that club shaft was leaning massively ahead of the target, the hands were very much ahead of the ball as well. What you're going to do is you're going to deloft the club and you're also going to be striking down on the shot. Now those two factors will start the ball lower and it will also encourage a lower ball flight overall.

So if you want to hit a high-shape shot for a draw but it’s also works same as a fade. You just need to switch this around. You need to make sure that you are actually using a good amount of dynamic loft. So the amount of loft which is available at impact and you can’t have your angle of attack too steep. Now the easiest way to do that is just to alter a little bit of setup and just alter a little bit away about how you are thinking about the swing. So setting up just slightly right, I'm moving my ball position just slightly further forward. So it's just forward of center with my 8 iron.

Now as I'm coming through the ball, what I wanted my hand position to just be slightly ahead of the ball. Because I don’t want to hit this heavy but I don't want to hit miles ahead of the ball. So I'm just going to get set up and put my hands just slightly ahead. I am going to take it away and as I move through the ball, I'm just going to try and almost feel as though not that I am adding loft, but I'm just trying to get that club head and my hands arriving at the impact position at the same time. So knowing to that, I want to be getting into about this position here.

Now you can see here the difference between the loft of my 8 iron in this angle of attack and the loft of my 8 iron in this angle of attack. So what this approach will do, it will allow me to shallow out my angle of attack. It will allow me to add more loft and that will give me that shape of a higher ball flight while still maintaining the draw. Not an easy thing to do, but with practice it’s certainly possible. And it will allow you not only to get control of your shape from right to left or left or right, but also to get it up in the air and high.