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How to hit a punch shot better? Punch shots are a valuable weapon to have in your armory if the wind is blowing or you want a little bit more control over your shot trajectory. Now a lot of the hard in hitting a punch shot can be done at set up. To hit a punch shot what you want to be doing with your set up, is just get a little bit more weights on your left side so you steep in the angle of attack, hit the ball first and the turf, but alternately lower the trajectory. So when you’re taking your set up with your normal ball position, for seven and just forward, move it back slightly so it’s in the center of the stance -- put about 60% of the weight onto it from the front and then just pop your hands opposite the left side as well. So this moves your swing center ahead of the ball, will steep in the angle of attack and cause it to hit the ball first and then the turf. Another way that you can keep the ball low is on the back swing and the true swing, to take most of the wrist hinge out of the actual shot.

On a normal shot you really want to be seeing about 90 degrees of wrist hinge between the wrists and the club shaft. On a punch shot, if you can take out a little bit of that wrist hinge, it will stop any kind of flicking through impact. But you want to be keeping that left wrist firm, and if you could hold off your finish position, this again will help keep the ball very low. So the ball position just a tiny bit back of centre to take it back from your normal ball position, weight is 60% forward has a head, and just try and take a lot of the wrists out of the back swing. And if you can complete those different kind of movements and you can hit it with the successful actual strike, the ball should fly a lot lower, and you should have a lot more control over the overall shot, which is great if you are playing in very windy conditions. That's how to hit a punch shot better.