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How can I escape from a fairway bunkers and still gain yardage? Now fairway bunkers are a very tricky and very difficult situation to find yourself in. With a fairway bunker shot you need to ensure that you hit the ball first before the sand or the resulting ball flight will be very short and it will probably end up back in the bunker. The first consideration you need to make however is the steepness of the bunker leap which will sit in front of you.

Now if the bunker is a very steep sided bunker take your medicine and use as higher lofted iron as you can to get the ball out. What you genuinely want to be seeing is you want to be giving yourself enough room to clear the leap but also giving yourself a club which will advance the ball towards the target. Now if you select your club correctly and use in the correct technique next is obviously very, very key.

Now if I have got here a seven nine what I would normally do is grip, just like half an inch down to lead the butt end of the club actually free. But on a fairway bunker shot I’m going to hold it a lot further down. This is going to bring the club closer to me during the swing and hopefully avoid contact with the sand. The second thing I am going to do is actually grip quite firmly. This would cause the muscles to contract slightly and again pull the club up towards me at little bit more. Lastly in my setup I am going to put the ball position slightly further back than normal and put a little bit of weight onto my front foot, and this should ensure that I catch the ball first.

And if all goes to plan, I will catch the ball quietly cleanly not actually taking much of the sand after the ball at all. Then the other consideration you need to take is what kind of lie you have because if you want to hit a good fairway shot a fairway bunker shot the line needs to be pristine. If for this sat down again take your medicine and play out safely. But achieving distance from a fairway bunker shot is possible just pick the right club use that technique and please just be a little bit careful about the shot you chose.