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Now there's really no point in having the world's greatest golf swing and striking them all beautifully and hitting it really straight, unless you're lining up in the right direction, the right position. So just take an extra little bit of time next time you're at the driving range to make sure that you've got good pre-shot routine, good fundamentals and really good alignment.

A couple of people you can watch out on the TV, people like Justin Rose and Camilo Villegas, they work really hard on their alignment. You'll actually see them doing a little pre-shot routine where they stand back behind their ball and they use the shaft of their golf club almost like a ruler so they put the flag up at their side behind the hustle and they put the ball down at this end behind the base of the grip and they use the edge of the golf club like a ruler. And they're actually picking out an intermediary point, something that's about two to three feet in front of the golf ball that help them to line up.

So if I was to do this aiming down my driving range here, I'd line the club up behind the ball, put the head up so I've got the flag behind the neck, the grip down the bottom next to the ball and I'm looking for a spot just here, a little blade of grass just on the edge of my mouth. Something quite small means I'm going to be a bit more accurate. If I pick out a big divot or something, I could have too much variation between the edges of the divot that would expand to be too much of the difference in the variation down here, so aiming right over the top of my spot, then squaring my club face up to the face of the golf club points exactly down the target line as well.

Now on the Thomas Golf Products, they actually have the straight lines marked on the back of all of their clubs. People have done it with putters, now these guys are doing it with the irons and the hybrids and the woods. It's a great little innovation that when you set that up, that points at your intermediary point and then this bit takes care of itself.

So you line the club up with the straight line pointing over the top of the ball, at the object in front of you, swing the club down along in that line and the alignment line will help encourage you to get much better at your alignment.

So if you've got a good golf string already but you're still not hitting straight shots, consider the alignment lines are going to help you aim in the right direction and hopefully that will improve your golf as well.