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There is one word that I hear from my pupils over and over again it’s probably the same word I use in my teaching over and over again and that’s consistent or consistency, everyone just wants to be more consistent when they play and they want to see more consistency in their shots.

And Tom Watson is big advocate of trying to keep his swing and his game as consistent as possible and he talks about how the same spine angle throughout his swing has provided him with a good level of consistency in his game. So as we walk towards the golf ball, we are aware of that the spine angle is in this position, now it’s a case of trying to keep the spine angle in that position throughout the golf swing that would provide a high level of consistency. And Watson seems to have discovered this quite late in his career he actually talks about 1992 which is very late on in his career when he actually discovered that that was the way he could play his best golf.

So if you feel like you are an inconsistent ball striker particularly if you hit the top of ball or bottom of the ball and you take too much ground maybe maintaining a more consistent spine angle is a good tip for you as well. Now here’s a little exercise to check whether that feels nice and natural for you and if you are not doing it then this drill will help you. We can take the golf club and place it over the back of the neck behind the shoulders and just roll it down so it’s held there by your wrists, now if you find that difficult to do and you have got a bit of shoulder problem, you can actually just do this by holding the golf club in front of your shoulder as well down the front hand.

Now set yourself up nice and tall and start turning back and through back and through, and you would like to see that the club is rotating flat and even and not going up or down, so a rounded and nice flat manner rather than going up or down as you did that, that means that your shoulders are rotating level to your spine on a 90 degree angle. Now if I take this into my golf swing I should be able to tilt my spine angle forwards into my golf setup rotate my shoulders back and through and the club head and the club handle should come back to the same level each time and my spine angle should be staying down, I am not finding my spine angle standing up or dropping at all. So from a good address position my spine angle can maintain its even position the whole away through even after I have hit the golf ball I want to still see my spine down, I don’t want to be standing up too early particularly relevant if you prone to topping the golf ball and maybe if you dip your left shoulder for the right handed golfer and the backswing you would hit the ground too much because you have lost your spine angle. So like Tom Watson try and maintain a consistent spine angle for a consistent ball striking.