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Video Transcript

In this next little miniseries we’re talking about a bump and run golf shot. Now a bump and run golf shot is exactly what it says on the tin, the ball bumps and then the ball runs. So the bumping element is a small lifting of the golf ball off the surface of the grass landing in front of the player and then running out towards the hole. Now this bump and run style of golf shots is synonymous with the links golf shots. It’s one of the oldest golf shots in the world and it’s the sort of shots that would have been played in Scotland in the early days of playing the game of golf, when initially – when the guys are out playing golf, the windy days, fast playing surfaces not really a golf ball that you want to throw up in the air and get blown around by the wind too much. So golfers were quite cunny back in the day, bump the ball forwards and run it on.

It’s a shot that we still see played quite a lot I the open championship, the British Open Championship, but maybe not played too much in the states and around Europe and other golf courses where there’s long thick grass around the green. If you’ve got long thick grass like this around the side of a green it’s quite difficult to bump the ball and run it through that grass. So you will be more inclined to sort of play the ball high and more lofted over that grass, but if you are playing a links golf course where there’s nothing in front of the green, it’s just dry, flat, smooth. It’s almost like that shot that you want to putt where you want to get the ball down and putt it across the floor but maybe there’s just a bit of fluffy stuff in front of you, so you use the bump element to clear the fluffy stuff and then to run it out along the flat surface or the green.

We play this shot with around about a 7 or an 8-Iron but actually there’s lots of different clubs that you can play with, somebody will play a bump and run shot with a fairway wood or a hybrid club. You can always play bump and run type of shot with the pitching wedge or a sand wedge the ball will just bump higher and run less but the way we play is quite a simple little bump and run action. So in this next little series of videos we’re going to look at how important the shot can be and how to execute it with the maximum accuracy.