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How can you play par three holes better next time you are on the golf course? Yeah, the first thing to consider on a par three is that you have got only one shot to get it on the green. So if you make a mistake with that shot you are going to be struggling to make par straight away. You look at something like a powerful maybe a par five, you’ve got par – you’ve three shots on the par five to get on the green. So if you hit a bad tee shot, you can always recover with the next, recover with the next and you’re still back on the green regulation shots. But for a par three, if you don’t get you tee shot right you are struggling. So take an extra little bit of time on assessing your tee shot using your course management skills, to think about using the correct club and aiming in the correct direction.

And it isn’t always a case of just looking at the yard that’s on the marker board, looking at the middle of the green and popping it down there. There are other things to consider. Consider the wind direction, consider the elevation changes downhill, consider where the danger is and where the safe parts are on that green. Next consider where the flag is placed, if the flag is front, middleor back that can change the club selection. If the club is – if the flag is to the left or the right that could change the direction of your shot. Now sometimes you might be quite aggressive, you might club up, you might go straight to the flag and be really aggressive. Other times you might decide well actually that flag is very near that banker or very near that water hazard, but over on this side of green there’s much more space.

So use your course management skills to help you decide on your club selection and to help you decide on your directional choices, whether you go straight to the flag, whether you go left side or right side. Then when you are happy with your club choice, you know where you are aiming, be very confident about your stroke. Its best to step back, have a look down the target line, pick out exactly on the green where you want to aim. Line everything up carefully, trust that you’ve got the right club and commit to a really solid swing. Knock it straight down there on to the par three hole; and be confident that you have the right club, you choose the right direction. Put a good swing on it and that would help you improve your par threes.