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Interesting shot this bellied wedge. What is a bellied wedge and how can we play it? Well for most golfers a bellied wedge is something that they hate to see. Because a bellied wedge is when you hit the ball right in the middle, right in the belly. So a bellied wedge is normally going to be a thin which for most golfers results in a shot that goes head high about 150 yards straight over the back of green, it's not the shot you want to see. There are however times in a place where you might play a bellied wedge deliberately. And effectively it's very, very near the green when you want to just nudge the ball forwards through some rough or you got a bad lie around the green and you need to nudge it up. And you would effectively play a putting stroke but hit the ball mid way with a bellied wedge. So it's setting up like you're playing a putt even taking a putting grip.

Lift the golf club up to mid way on the ball and then just nudge it forwards with the middle of the wedge. Now you might now think there is a common use for that shot. But if you imagine you’re in a position where the ball is sitting right up against the back fringe of the green. Now I'm not getting myself an easy shot hit here, I'm trying to play back down towards the camera. This is going to effectively the back fringe of the green, longer grass around the green. Now to try and get the ball moving from there I can only really see the top of the ball. I definitely can't get down low to the back of the golf ball and hit the back of the ball. So what I might decide to do is take my bellied wedge and just hit down and catch the middle part of the ball. The ball won't go up in the air but the ball should shoot forwards and squeeze forwards. And I should be able to get some degree of accuracy on my distance control.

So I setup with a putting stance but I'm going to lean a bit into my left side. I need to lean a bit to my left side so I can come down a little bit steeper on the back of the ball. So if putting grip and stance, lean on my left side and belly the wedge forwards and just nudge it forwards like that. And that should give me a little bit more control then try and to lean back and scoop the ball up in the air which I would struggle to do from that poor situation. So it's not a shot you're going to use a lot, it's a shot that requires a little bit of practice to get comfortable with it and it's a shot that requires a certain set of circumstances for you to play it. but generally the bellied wedge is not something we should consider for a full shot when you run this out of the green, belly that wedge nice and close and it might just save you a shot or two.