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Can I play a bump and run in fast firm conditions? Now the answer to this is a very resounding and clear yes. If the ground is fast and firm, you’re actually better off playing a bump and run shot, keeping it low to the ground, and using the fast rolling conditions to your advantage. If you’re faced with a 30 yard shot and there is nothing in between you and the pin except from fair way, in the fast firm conditions, it can actually be harder to lift the ball up in the air, get it landing softly, and then judging the amount of roll it has out to the pin. It can be a lot easier in this kind situation, just take a seven iron take a bump and run set up, and just play an extended chip and run shot. It’s all about using the situation and using the course conditions to your advantage. If the ground is wet and it’s soft, by all means it’s a lot easier to get the ball lifting up high and stopping very quickly, if the grounds are really firm and fast, it could be a lot easier to get it rolling along the grounds.

The one thing you don’t want to do in the fast firm conditions with a bump and run, is dig down on to the ball and start stopping it into the ground. The club will bounce up, catch the middle of the ball, and send it out nice and thin. You just want to be scheming the club along the surface, catching the ball nice and clean, getting it popping up, and rolling down towards the pin. Now for a bump and run, I have got a seven iron here, the stance is quite narrow, ball position in the middle, feet and hips slightly open and the weight leans slightly towards the target. Only by 60% or so we don’t need it all the way on that front foot, so just 60%towards the target, fit and hips open, ball position middle, hands slightly ahead of the ball, and all we want to be doing is just nipping it rightly off the surface and not digging down on it. So just nip it away, and get the ball rolling down there towards the green. What you don’t want to be doing in this fast and firm conditions is, get in the lob wedge, get in the sand wedge and try to hit it as high as possible all the time. That will lead to inconsistency and when it lands on the green, it might not stop kind of quickly anyway. So use the conditions to your advantage, play that bump and run, and hopefully save par more often in these fast and firm conditions.