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Video Transcript

Well, a piece of the terminology that we probably use and maybe even overuse in golf is this idea of being square, so square alignment, square clubface, square to target, square to path. And basically square means the same as. So square to target would be my feet pointing at target here and my feet are also pointing just left or parallel, so they are pointing in the same direction, so they are square to the target. But we also talk about square in terms of having the clubface square, so when we bring down the club down we want to hit the ball nice and straight, we want the clubface to be square to the target to hit the straightest golf shots. But sometimes we misunderstand what the term square actually means or means in relation to something else because it can’t be square on its own, it’s got to be square in relation to something else, square to target is the general one. That clubface points at that flag we would hit the ball, it would go to the flag we would say the face was square to target.

But sometimes we can also infer that its square t path. So the path of the golf club might not be the same as the intended target. Let’s say here the target is this red flag over this way my club is travelling down the left hand side, therefore you might hear a commentator on the TV or even a player say, “Oh yeah, my clubface was square and it’s gone straight in the bushes.” Well, how did it go straight in the bushes if your clubface was square? But actually they don’t mean square to target they mean square to the path that it was travelling on and if the clubface is square to the path that it’s traveling on, the ball won’t curve very much, it’ll pretty much go dead straight.

So you can hit straight golf shots, straight off line into the trees with a square clubface if the clubface is square to the path not to the target. So that might seem like a long winded way of explaining what this one single word means. The basic premise of this video is that I want you to question when someone says square, when you hear the word square, you read it written in the magazine, clubface being square, square to what exactly? Square to the target or square to the swing path, because they are not the same thing and they have massively different connotations in terms of how you can hit good straight shots or curving ball flights depending on whether the club face was square to target or square to swing path. If you understand that difference you’ll understand a lot about why the ball is doing what it’s doing.