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So if you are now looking at taking on board the bump and run chip shots and bringing it into your game, let’s just have a look at a couple of the final thoughts about how and why you might play this shot and when you might play. The first thing is a bit of a sort of watchword really is that you’ve got to be careful of playing the bump and run shot when you are playing into or through longer grass. Firstly the ball won’t roll through that long grass very well so don’t try and roll the ball into the heavy rough but also trying to play out of that heavy rough with a less lofted club can be quite difficult. Bump and run chip shot normally played with like a 7 or an 8-Iron a club like this going into the side of that long grass it’s not going to cut through as well as something like a lob wedge might do. So let’s just be careful when we’re in the thick long grass, chipping through that with a less lofty die it might be quite difficult.

Also something that you need to be nice and careful when you are chipping and bumping and running is good tempo. We really want to see a nice even tempo both sides of the ball tick-tock-tick-tock, try and think of your putting tempo and use you’re putting tempo. We wouldn’t want to see anything that got too rapid or too quick so just a nice little tick-tock backwards and through, good tempo is going to work nicely for you.

The other consideration might be to start using one club and master that club before you then start to use other clubs. Ultimately you can bump and run the ball with five or six different clubs, but start by getting one right, for me it’s always going to be my 8-Iron, most people use the 7-Iron, I just prefer the 8-Iron. So I start with my 8-Iron, I learn to get that club sorted first then I can start to vary 9-Iron for high ones, 7-Iron for low ones, pitching wedge for high ones, 6-Iron for low ones so I start to vary once I’m settled with my 8-Iron. So get that 8-Iron dialed in first, get the right tempo off the good; lie, get the right distance and then vary to the other clubs. And hopefully with all that in mind your chipping game should improve if you integrate the bump and run chip shot.