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Video Transcript

How can you play your bump and run golf shots to the best of your ability? Now bump and run golf shots is a ball that goes low and then rolls out to the flag. Its generally going to be played around the side of the green like a chip shot, but it doesn’t quite go as high. Now the first thing here is make sure you got the right club for the job. I’ve got my 7-iron which is my favorite club for these little bump and run shots. I’m going to play this with a very narrow stance, down the grip and leaning to the left hand side. This is really because I don’t want massive amounts of power. I don’t want to hit this ball hard like a normal 7-iron. This 7-iron’s is only going to go about five yards through the air then land and scuttle upon to the green. So its club behind ball, narrow stance; that takes away some power. Gripping down to the bottom of the handle, that takes away some power. Leaning left takes away power and gets me a better contact.

All right then, once I have got this good fundamentals and a good set up. I just rock my shoulders backwards and forwards. It’s almost a long putting stroke, you know I’m not using my wrist excessively; I’m not using my body excessively, certainly not using my legs a great deal. It’s just a very gentle back and through motion, just rocking the shoulders there. So as I set up a little bump and run shot I pitch forwards and I run it up the green. I’m looking for my landing area here. My landing area might only be five yards ahead of me. I need to look at my landing area not necessarily the flag, if I was aiming for the flag and I was trying to swing to the flag, my swing would get longer, it will land next to the flag but it would roll too far.

So my bump and run technique I look at my landing area, really close to me. I rock my shoulders, bump the ball forwards and then let it release out onto the green. And that’s how you can best play your bump and run golf shots.