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Video Transcript

Normally, if you find yourself in long grass, I would advise that loft is your friend. The more lofted club you can use, the more that cups through the grass, the more that pops the ball up into the air. If you’re trying to play a shot out of the rough towards the green, let’s say 120 yards away, but there’s no danger at all in front of you. It’s just flat, dry fairway. No bunk. There’s no water and you can roll the ball in. Sometimes, just punching the ball out of the long grass with a nice steep swing is going to be the best way for you to play it.

So, to play this shot, we play the ball back in the stance a little bit more, may be into the back third of the stance. Narrow the stance and grip down. And then feel out, there’s quite a steep pickup of the golf club. Picking the golf club steeply, chopping down and holding the hands off without really the need to rotate the hands too much. So, you steep, chop it and hold it off. Picture the front. You’re going to land the ball well short of the green, maybe as much as 40 or 50 yards shorter the green, and get it chasing and rolling about dry fairway. Because the ball is coming out to the rough, it won’t come out with a great deal of spin, so it will land short and release up. But as long as there’s nothing in the way between you and the green, if you’re in the long grass, pull back, steep swing, chop it forwards, get it to land shore, get it to run all the way up to the green. There’s nothing in the way that’s quite a nice shot to play from the longer rough.