how and why bump and run golf shot

Here’s a little secret many golfers never learn: The ground is your friend.

Sometimes, flying the ball all the way to your target isn’t the best approach. Sometimes, in fact, it makes things a lot more difficult. Certain situations call for a shot that flies only a short distances, then bounces and rolls the rest of the way.

This is called a “bump-and-run” shot, and it’s popular on the seaside links courses of the British Isles. The bump-and-run is extremely handy when the ground is firm, especially during windy weather when an airborne ball is vulnerable.

You can play the bump-and-run from very short distances, just off the green, or from farther out – 200 yards or more, depending on conditions and your ability. Any time you’ve got a shot with no hazard, trees or rough in your way and the turf is firm, the bump-and-run may be your best option.

Here’s how to play it: Learn the bump-and-run