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Video Transcript

So one of the biggest and probably the most fundamental reasons why a golfer might be skying the golf ball is actually probably one of the most obvious and the easiest to correct. So if you are hitting the golf ball and it’s consistently hitting the top of the golf club and that brand new 300 pound driver or $300 drive you’ve just bought has got scuff and scratch marks all the way across the top here, that could be simply because you are teeing the golf ball up at the wrong level. So I’ve got three tee pegs down here in front of me teed up with the golf, we are going to try and decide which one is the right level for you. Now, a simple piece of advice would be to try and get half of the ball above the top of the driver. So if that’s my driver phase I should be able to see half of the ball above. If I see all of the ball there is a risk I go underneath, and if I don’t see any of the ball I am probably not going to be able to get the ball out the sweet spot and not going to be able to hit the ball high enough. So first one ask yourself is that a half ball, you probably cant see the ball from that camera, so definitely cant get underneath this one from the sweet spot, you are going to end up hacking down on the ball, taking a divot with a driver which is definitely not a good thing to do. This one, and I’ve got this one teed up nicely from the camera I am presuming you can see about half of a ball there sitting above the top of the club and its certainly looked good to me that that would be a half a ball above the top of the club, I could sweep that ball away cleanly, hit the sweet spot without hitting the ground.

And then this one here all of the ball is above the top of the club. Now, I could hit that ball well, but I would have to make a big adjustment, I would have to make sure the club is lifting through the impact phase and lifting up quite a lot. And actually if I made a mistake and got underneath it I’d be hitting it right off the crown of the golf club, the ball would be shooting high, and I’d be having that popped up shot. So I don’t need to make the game more difficult and have to make an adjustment, and I can make a swing here where the club can come much more similar to its original impact position and I can – original set up position for impact and sweep the ball away nicely. This one, yeah its going to be a tough shot out of there, maybe if I was playing into an absolute gale force wind and I just needed to bury the ball low, but you are pretty much guarantying you are going to top and thin that ball and its just going to land and run for miles. Certainly going to struggle to get that ball up in the air, and if it does get up in the air chances are it’s going to fade out to the right hand side as well. So having the ball on the correct tee height is probably the simplest and easiest way to avoid having any of those disastrous popped up tee shots.