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Create two. Two tier greens when you’re out on the golf course, give you a really good challenge and especially for any putter, but knowing how to deal with them correctly, you should find that you can two putt rather than taking three or four putts. So two tier green, literary just means there is two different levels on the green with a vertical slope attached between the two, so you’re going from one level of the green, up the slope or down the slope and then on to the other level of the green. So the first thing you’ve got to do is realize that the putt is actually longer than it looks because of the vertical nature of the slope, whether it’s uphill or downhill, if you actually had a length of string and just from the ball to the hole going up that slope. If we actually stretch that out flat, the put would be a lot longer than it appears. So remember that when you’re faced with two tier greens, the putt is either a lot longer if you’re going up the slope or a little bit short if you’re going down that slope because of the down hill nature of the slope. So remember to take the vertical slope into account, it’s not a vertical slope when it comes to putting, it’s got to be more of a horizontal, longer idea with the length that you’re hitting.

Okay, so if we’re looking at putting up the slope then, the key is to get the ball up to that top tier, otherwise we’ve got a wasted shot, we don’t want to hit the same shot again and if we only hit the ball part way up the slope, it’s going to roll straight back down, and we’re going to be faced with the same stroke again. And it’s the same going down the slope as well, if you only hit the ball to the top of the hill and it doesn’t take the slope down to that bottom tier, you’re going to find you’re using an extra shot, just to hit the same shot again. So make sure that you get on to the second tier of the green.

Okay, now what we’re going to do is we’re going to read the green and we’re going to look at what the lower tier slope does, so is it flat, does it slope left to right, does it slope right to left. Once you’ve decided what’s happening there, then look at the upper tier or the second tier and decide what the ball is going to do then as well. So you’ve got to take into account both slopes because they may be different. But the main emphasis is get the ball on to that second tier, so if we’re putting up the hill, we’re going imagine that the hole is slightly further away than it actually is, and if you’re coming down the slope, we are going to make sure that we pull the hole a little bit closer to you than it actually appears. Going up on the two tier green, work on really getting the ball moving quite quickly up the slope and down the two tier green, just get the ball to the top of slope and let the gravity and the weight of the ball roll it down so that you get close to the hole. If you take that approach with two tier greens you’ll have no problems with taking two putts.