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How should I fix my golf slice? So here we are going to look at the most common issue and the most common flight of golf shots for club golfers which is a shot that flies, left of target initially and then swings left to right in the air, missing the target on the right and it’s called a slice. Main reason that you’re getting that is you’re not swinging your club head along the target line with the club face aiming at the target.

What’s happening instead, is the club head is slicing across the target line, from the outside of the target line to the inside and as it’s cutting across the target line the club face is aiming slightly right of that swing path of that right – the out in movement. So what we’ve got to do is get the club head swinging much more correctly along the target line, and here is a great tip to help you do that. When you’re at the range next, you take an alignment pole with you, you want to put the alignment pole into the ground on the left hand side of the ball if you’re a right handed golfer. So if you put the alignment pole into the ground, but instead of pushing it in vertically, just lean it back about 45 degrees, or if you can to the angle that you would set the club to the ball at.

So you can see here, if I was going to hit along this line here I’d be positioning my pole in this way so that I can now create an area here where I know I need to swing the club into. If you’re swinging and hitting the slice, what’s happening is that as you swing it down the club is travelling to the outside of the target line and then you are pulling the club across and so you’ll hit into the range basket or go underneath that alignment pole.

So what we want to do is once we set up, we want to swing the club, so that you swing back down, you strike the golf ball and then the club releases in front of that alignment pole. As the club is moving in front of that alignment pole, if you just allow the club face to rotate down onto the pole, the club face will also be in the correct position. So now you’ll start swinging along the target line and you’ll have the club face aiming at the target.

I think one of the biggest misconceptions if the ball is missing on the right hand side of the target, is to aim even more to the left, but the problem of aiming even more to the left is that will actually increase the slice that you experience. So the more you aim to the left, the more you’ll cut across to the target line as you swing and the greater the difference between where the club face is aiming and where the club head is traveling – will – the greater that difference between those two things, the more spin gets imparted on to the ball, so the increase you see in the slice. So instead of aiming left, work on straightening your swings, so that it goes along the target line, get the club face aiming down the target line, you’ll start to hit straight golf shots.