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Video Transcript

Hitting a three-quarter golf shot will give you a lot more control and consistency and be really valuable as part of your armory when you are out on the golf course and playing and wanting to score. To hit a three-quarter golf shot, follow the following tips:

As you set up, set the ball middle of the feet but place slightly more weight on your left side. About 70% of your weight should stay here. Okay chop down on the club so you are holding lower down than you usually would, and make sure that you lean the club pulled to that left side again. As we swing back we are going to work on turning the chest but we are only going to turn into a three-quarter position. I think the better way to focus on that is if you imagine the clock face around me with 12 o’clock position above my head and six o’clock position down by my fit. I’m wanted to swing my left arm only just past that 9 o’clock position, Up to 10 o’clock at the most. So I certainly don’t want to go any further back than 10 o’clock. So that’s going to set me into really good three-quarter position. Rather than allowing my weight to transfer on to my right foot, I’m going to stay more on my left foot for this shot. I’m going to swing back down through the shot and as I swing through I’m going to really work on keeping my hands and wrists very passive through the shot. I’m going to hold the club off as I swing through which means I’m only going to allow it to point out at the target and turn my chest that way as well. Rather than allowing the club to release like it normally would for a full shot.

So three-quarter position at the top, 70% of the weight on the left foot, strike downwards and as you are turning through keep the club in front to the chest so that it finishes pointing at the target with you rotated towards the target. Learning to hit that three-quarter swing is really going to help especially through the wedges and the higher number irons and you will be able to attack the pin a lot more on the course.

So hit that three-quarter shot you’ll get really good accuracy and you will start shooting lower scores.