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Now with the nature of the game of golf we play lots of different formats of the game of golf. And this next rule covers three of those different formats. Now there’s certain rules that apply to formats and other formats, generally when you hit the golf ball you hit it, you count it, you write it down, you have the skills of. But in certain formats particularly when we've got two people playing as one people or two people playing against two people, different rules can apply. Now the better ball formats covered under this rule here is where that, we would both play a ball.

So you and I would play our golf ball down the hole, as a partnership as a team and then our scores would get compared against two other people playing in our same four ball. And the best score would count. So if I hit a three on this hole, you hit a four on this hole against two of the people, one hits a four, one hits a five. Then my three would will that hole effectively and most often the better ball is going to be played as a match play game or foursomes is going to be played as a match play game. So we would win that hole and move on to the next.

Now if I do something wrong and I get a penalty, that penalty only affects my score. It doesn't affect your score as well. So as a better ball we’d be playing as a team. But the penalty would only affect my score, not yours. However in foursomes because we're playing effectively the same ball, we’re only getting one score. If I make a breach of the rules that score affects us as a team as well. So it's quite important that you understand the different format you're playing in and how the rules apply differently, whether you're playing a better ball, a three ball or a foursomes format.

It's really important that you’ve these rules to hand as well. So like I have stressed in the past get your rules app, find the relevant rule on there, and just work out very carefully how it applies. Because different rules apply under different formats and also the penalties can be different. You know if you make a mistake in a strokeplay game, it might be a one shot-two shot penalty. If you make a mistake in a pairs game, in a match play game it's probably going to be loss of hole. So let's make sure that we keep the rules app open and with us at all times and any discrepancies that come up have a quick research through.

Nobody expects you to know all of the rules all the time, but we would expect you to be able to find that rule relatively quickly and know how to apply it out on the golf course to the format of the game you're playing.