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So this swing too we are going to look at what the best three options are for you if you’ve got a blocked backswing. That is you can’t swing the golf club back as you normally would for how you would normally play. So I think the first thing we need to look at is if you can make any sort of backswing movement at all, if the answer is no, remember you don’t have to play directly at the target you just need to move the ball into a better position. So if your backswing is blocked, by a tree or a bush, a fence and your target is out this way, so in this situation you can’t make any sort of backswing. Remember you don’t have to play directly at the target, play a slightly safer way where you can make a better backswing to get better connection onto the ball, move the ball into an easier position to then hit your next shot from. So kind of taking [Indiscernible] [0:01:05] and if you’ve got out of position a little bit there and work on playing the next shot for an easy position to then start to progress towards the flag again.

The other thing you could also try and do is if your backswing is blocked depending on how it's blocked, so if you can make a small backswing but then we’ve got a blocked area here sort of behind us would be think about turning the club over and playing the shot left handed. Don’t go from massive backswing if you do this okay, just work on a smaller, say waist high shot and play the shot in reverse. So, I’d still keep your hands on exactly the same, but rather than swinging the club to the right and then to the left, turn yourself around so you are going to go out the way you want to towards the target but play it the other way around. Play left and then into the right. Okay. But again, take quite a straight faced club because it will help you with the connection you’re going to get. You’ve got to turn the club over so it’s making it more difficult because the club is going to get presented back to the ball like this rather than like that. So you’ve got a much smaller hitting target.

I think the final thing to say if your backswing is blocked and you’ve got no other option is don’t try and do something that's impossible if you need to, take the drop. So if you’re calling the ball unplayable, take the drop, take the penalty, but at least you can move it into a position where you can now make your backswing and it will keep the score as low as possible and stop you getting any triple or quadruple bogeys on the golf course.