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What are the problems with having a really wide golf stance? Now a very wide and a really stretched out golf stance is something you do see every now and again where the feet become so wide they’re into this position here. Now, the issue with having the feet this far apart, this wide, and this stretched out is you can’t transfer your weight and you have a very much of a lack of mobility. If your feet are too close together, it can be the opposite effect; you know that you don’t have enough stability and as you turn back and through you would lose you balance. But if you get too wide, you’ve got no actual kind of mobility at all and you’re locked into this position. And the swing suddenly becomes just very much a hands and arms dominated motion. You won’t actually be able to turn the upper body or the lower body to the same amount and the same effect that you’d want to if the feet were slightly narrower. What you want to be actually looking at with the irons is the feet to be pretty much shoulder width apart. Now that’s going to give the kind of correct amount of stability and power and ability to turn as you need; any wider than that it will be a lack actual mobility, any shorter than that, narrower than that, would be a lack of stability. The only time it wants to go narrower is for a chip shot and the only time it wants to go any wider is when you’re hitting a driver where you’re going to need a little bit more stability. And in that case the arms – the shoulders – the feet sorry, just go beyond the width of the shoulders. And now we’ll go for more stability but also offer a little bit more mobility as well. So if you do have a very wide golf stance, kind of bring it back in because it’s not going do you any favors in the long-run.