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So how can you improve your golf chipping? Do you know what a chipping run is? A chipping run is basically a shot that you would actually play when you say maybe just a few yards away from the green, when you’ve got a little bit of fairway or apron and then the green starts and you’ve got nothing to go over like a bunker or maybe an obstacle where you’ve got to get the heights, so chipping run is a low shot. And it is something basically a bit like an extension of a putter and then this is we use a lofty club. So I’ve got here an eight time that’s what I like to use. Most people most probably use a seven/nine or an eight time to chipping run.

It’s entirely up to you, how about the; eight time? That’s four degree more loft on, so it gives me a little bit more control of what I want to do.

So first of all let’s explain how to start up correctly for chipping. First of all you select your club, put the club down behind the ball as usual. At this stage here where you put your feet apart, I want you to take a putting set up, okay yeah, you’ve not heard me correctly there I want you to set up as if it was a putter with your feet in the same position. I want you to grip exactly how you would do for a conventional golf shot by the way. If you want to use your putting grip, you could do, but let’s just stay with the normal grip. Let me set up this position here. If you want the ball to land and to run, I want you put the ball back in the stance. If I put my ball back in the stance my hands are always forward at the club head, as the club comes in, the club will tend to bit the top half of the ball first and tends to create top spin. So when the ball lands you see it landing really not towards the hole. If I want the ball to land softer then I’ll get behind the ball now, see I'm getting behind the now so the ball further forward. The hands are still in front of the ball very, very important. This time I could have hit the ball later the club is now coming in and hitting the bottom of the ball in which case that ball will be rotating ever so slightly backwards, so the ball will land softer. But don’t take my word for that, but it’s true, so when you go to do some chipping runs play some of your back for watch the ball land and watch it release and then the opposite, okay? So that’s how you can control the spin of the ball.

Now the set up is very, very important, remember we said that putting set up from here I want you to keep the weight this time, the only difference between putting set up and this for me, is I want to keep the weight 64/40 on your left side, just 60/40 just so you are leaning slightly that will correct this angle. So when I take the club back, I’m going to take it back with just one of my arms, remember if you had a putter in your hands you behave, if you are swinging it from your shoulders, just arms it wouldn’t be just the wrist activity and I want the same stroke the same technique. So let’s set up as if I’ve got a putter in my hand from here, so shoulders back, shoulders through, you can see my body don’t move I’ve kept my weight in the left hand side and the club is doing the job. I select to the eight; time to get a little bit of loft, I’ve got the ball position off the front foot, so I land it softly, I put the ball off my back foot because I want it to release.

Very simple technique and a great way of getting good results and you will see results very, very quickly. But once you’ve got that technique right, let’s go to the chipping green, and how can we improve the chipping from there? What will be a good idea would be to set up on this side of the putting green and maybe put a couple of golf balls about a meter away from the other side. In fact just chipping and running ups that marker, so now we are concentrating on the actual pace.

Direction is one thing you can aim at holes all day long, but what about the pace? Maybe put some balls 20 feet away maybe put some balls 30 feet away and practice the pace, because remember the golf course you get one chance to get that results, so you’ve got the information about the set up, it’s like putting a set up the weight slightly forward, hands are slightly in front and you swing from your shoulders just like you would do with a putter and you could see my body isn’t moving at all. So that’s how you chip and run, now you’ve got the knowledge the best part is to come, go and put it into practice now.