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So, here's a fourth great drill just using a simple credit card to help you improve your golf. Now, we haven't got it in the back of the glove this time so, you can take your glove off if you want to or, this is a great exercise you can practice at home and you don't need your glove on for this exercise if you don't want to.

What we're going to do here is just check that as you're swinging the club back, the club face comes back into the right position. So, the right position for the club face would be kind of parallel to the spine angle. If we have the club face too close, it faces the floor, too vertical, it faces the sky. We want the club face to come back nicely on plane, on position, parallel to the spine angle.

So, if you could go ahead and use a mirror where the camera is there, you'd be able to check that position. Now, if you're doing it incorrectly, your right hand is probably playing too much part in the backswing and opening or closing. So, a really simple exercise there is take a credit card, place it in the palm of your right hand there so it would feel like it faces to the target and then make a back swing and just feel where you're pointing the credit card too.

If you feel that you've opened the credit card up to the sky and it's pointing upwards, that would have the same rolling and opening effect on the golf club face. Likewise, if you've got your credit card here facing the target and you've turned it away but you pointed it too flat down to the floor, that would have closed the club face, could result in some hook shots going down the left hand side.

So, the good credit card position there, held in the palm of the right hand, turn back, check it's in a good position, check it's parallel to your spine angle, then you can carry it up, swing on and the club over here, the credit card, should come exactly back down to the position it left off which is pointing at your target line.

It's a great exercise. It's something you can practice your golf when you don't have a golf club with you, when you're in a confined space, take your credit card out of your pocket, practice your back swings and make sure that next time you go on the golf course, you'll find it easier to swing the golf club back on the plane with a square club face position, just by practicing with your credit card.