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If you have the sensational lot of your golf shots to finishing far down the left hand side for the right handed golfer and the ball is consistently curving too much from right to left. You may have a problem with actually controlling your hand action and it maybe that your hands are overly aggressive, so let's have a look at a few reasons and why that might be and how you could correct that.

One of the first things is ought to just to check your equipment. Generally considered, that a grip that is too narrow and too thin and somebody that has big hands would actually have too much excessive rotation in their hands overly actively rolling the ball down on the left hand side. Likewise if the grip is too thick and our hand is too small that's often going to be considered that the hands would do less work. The ball would cut away to the right hand side so you can actually change the thickness of your grip. The best thing that is go and see your PGA qualified club fitter and they will recommend thicker or thinner grips for your hand size because I have big hands, I actually use a mid size grip which is a few layers of tape thicker than a standard size grip.

Next, it would be to check that your hands aren’t too strong on the grip. Strong is not necessarily the pressure that you're holding it, but the position that you're holding it. So if your left hand is turned too far to the right and the right hand is also turned underneath the grip too far to the right this would be considered to be a strong grip for the right handed golfer. The hands would be active in that turning over, pulling the ball, or drilling the ball aggressively down the left hand side.

So just double check that you've got two knuckles visible on your left hand and its not three or four knuckles, and also that the right hand sits on with the V pointing more to the chin, and not having the V pointing too far beyond the right shoulder if your hand sit in a strong position, you'll often have the ball hooking away. Couple of other things you could check for in your swing. If your hands are very active in the backswing, and they get a little bit flicky[Phonetic] [0:01:58] in the take away that would lead them to them return in a flicky action in the downswing so that will be too much hand backswing going the left.

You could consider that if your body isn't doing enough work, your hands have to overreact, so if my hips don’t turn in the downswing and I stay very still, my hands would flick, pass my lower body and again hook the ball away was if I was to drive forwards with my hitch and rotate better my hands would actually be more timed, it would be better timed and they wouldn't overtake the lower body, so inactive hips could actually cause overactive hands.

One last way of thinking about this would just be to consider where your left hand points through the swing making sure the badge on the back of your glove if you wear one on the club face, they're going to be synced up together to make sure that badge is pointing straighter, and that badge hasn't rolled down to the floor too early because that would cause the club had to roll down to the floor too early, and it would hit hooks. So think about the badge on the back of that left hand going straight to target rather than rolling down which causes too much rotation of the club face.

So if you have overactive hands, view those five different areas that I have talked about there to control the club face better, to control the hands better, to ultimately control the ball better.