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If you've started to notice that when you're missing putts you're generally missing them on the left-hand side, as a pulled putt would go left for the right-handed golfer, here’s a couple of things for you to consider also. Maybe your golf ball position is setting up too far forward in your stance. Therefore, as the clubhead comes towards the ball, it starts to rotate and to close down. So having the ball too far forward is a problem. I’d encourage you to position it just slightly ahead of center, almost like a 6-iron within your stance. Then we've got to make sure that you're not too close to the ball. Anytime you get too close to the ball when you're putting, that would often make the hands rotate around your front leg causing some pulled putt there so we've make sure that's not happening.

The other major fact that causes some pulled putt is a deceleration in your stroke. Decelerating as you're coming into the golf ball is a massive factor. The toe would overtake the heel and the ball would go left off a closed face. The major problem with decelerating is that your back swing is probably too long, creating too much power and then you have to slow down as you hit the putt because you're scared of whacking it across the other side of the green. So if you have a very long back swing that then decelerates as you hit the ball, you'd often see the pull had closed over.

So a little exercise for you to practice here. I’ve got the golf ball I’m going to hit and two marker golf balls. This on the back swing is going to limit my back swing so I can hit it. And then this one and the follow through is going to encourage me to actually push beyond that ball so I’ll make sure my back swing is shorter and my follow through is longer. If you can practice this exercise just at home -- you don’t need to actually hit golf balls towards the targets or into a hole but just feel like you make a one-third back swing and a two-thirds follow through to encourage a nice accelerating stroke rather than hitting that one and then decelerating before you get to that one. That would be major reason why you might be pulling putts. Improve that aspect of your game. Improve on that drill and hopefully you'll hold more of those putts.