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The last little trick that I could also see that the tour players tend to do in a more consistent regular basis as opposed to club golfers is confidence. It’s having confidence in their own ability. And you might say well that’s easy for a tour player to have confidence in his ability because he's better than me. He's practiced more than me. He's going to hit better shots than me. And that might be the case. But ask yourself this, how often does the regular tour player win, not very often. Okay they're doing a better job than maybe the average club golfer in terms of getting scores, but they're not winning every week. So they should probably have no more confidence, no less confidence than the average club golfer.

But they have this confidence because it's drilled into them that unless they're confident they're not going to perform at high level. They are not going to able to take on the shots that they need to take on. They are not going to be able to hit the drives, hit the putts, and hit the greens in regulation. They need to be able to hit to produce the best scores unless they have confidence in their ability. So you ask a tour player how he's going to play, he generally says I'm going to play quite well. I'm feeling good. I'm feeling confident. My swing is where it needs to be. I think I've got sixty five in me today. You ask an average club golfer how he is going to play, it's a bit more doom and gloom. Well you know I’ve not really been practicing very well, and my swing is not great. I'm probably going to shoot a little bit of a higher score.

And guess what it's almost a self-fulfilling prophecy that they go out there with no confidence. They don't strike the ball. They don't make golf swings with any confidence and then they don't shoot the scores they want to shoot. So it's a bit chicken and egg is that maybe we've got to have confidence to shoot good scores. And we've got to shoot good scores to have confidence. But we've got to start really with having confidence in our own ability first. So pretty much before you play golf you've got to tell yourself that this is going to be your day you're going to have confidence in what you're going to do. And then actually on the golf course you approach every single shot with a positive this is what I do want to happen rather than negative this is what I don't want to happen. So if I was to have to shut down the camera line here, I stand back and I look down my target line.

And that's my fairway, that’s where I'm aiming. I'm going to setup behind it, one practice swing here, visualizing exactly where that golf ball should be go in middle of the fairway. Then set up and produce that. That's the mindset of a tour player. The average club golfer probably looks down there and sees the bunker over there and the pond over there and the trees over there and thinks well I don’t want to go there. I don't want to go there. I don't want to go there. Sets up to the ball, but with nobly knees here, and they're not really sure what to do with the swing. The swing gets short, their swing gets quick and they don't have confidence to execute that shot. So regardless of your ability and regardless of the scores that you are currently shooting, you should go out there with the mindset of the tour player. Your game is in good shape, you are going to go and shoot a good scores, learn from the tour players, and always have confidence in your ability.