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Video Transcript

If we have now stablished how important this unhinging of the wrists is, it’s really important we can back up with a few drills and exercises that you can take away to the driving range or the practice ground and go ahead and work them. It’s very difficult to actually see this hinging action, certainly at full speed when you’re making full speed swings. So it’s much more important that we can feel the hinging action and particularly the unhinging action. So a couple of drills that you can go ahead and work on, one of the first ones is very simple just take a long iron and spin it over, so you’re actually holding the head end with the handle out in front of you. And as you make a swing you’ll hear a swoosh, I don’t know whether the microphone picks it up but I can definitely hear a swoosh, what I’m listening for here is to hear a swoosh that’s as loud as possible but also in the right place, now ideally I want this club to be traveling maximum speed at and around the golf ball, there is no point me having maximum speed up here before I hit the ball.

So if I’m making a swing and it’s swooshing really loudly here and then quietening off by the time it gets down to the ball I’ve got a problem, I’ve got my speed too early. So if I get swoosh slow there’s a problem in the swing, I need to be able to hold that angle as long as possible and then create maximum swoosh, maximum club head speed, right as it comes past the front of my body and the golf ball. So it’s hold the angle, swoosh and get maximum speed and swooshing just here.

Another exercise I think can really help you that is effectively what I would call a pumping drill. A pumping drill is going to be setting up to the ball and then setting the golf club back, and pulling down holding the angle, then going back up and pulling down holding the angle again, and effectively I’m pumping my swing two three times before I then go ahead and hit the ball. Now if you wanted to hit some shots doing that I’d suggest you tee the ball up because it’s not going to be easy to bring the club up and down a few times and then clap catch the ball perfectly.

So possibly just stick the ball upon a small tee peg on the driving range, maybe take a relatively short iron to do that one with as well, and then set the club couple of pumps up and down here, and then go ahead and clip one away off the surface. And I’m hoping that using those two exercises is really going to benefit you when you do go out into the gold course and you can get this lag, lag and then really good fast release through the golf ball to get maximum distance utilizing that hinging and unhinging of your wrist correctly.