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So just looking at the ladies game of golf for a second and see what we can learn from them. Yani Tseng has been a sensation on the golf not just on the lady scene but golf in general. Youngest player to ever win five major championship, she has already won 15 tournaments worldwide and will probably go on to clips most of the ladies ever played the game. She has a phenomenal golf swing and certainly hits the golf ball a very, very long way for her size, very small lady, quite petite but really gets a golf balls out there, 269 last year was her driver average now you might think well I have 269 once I could keep up with her, yeah you have hit it once, she did that on average last year, that means she hit an awful lot of shots beyond that distance and she hits most of those shots pretty straight as well.

So it’s well worth looking at how she manages to create so much power from such a small frame and with good quality technique. From a good position at address to the top Tseng has very little hip rotation and the backswing, but a massive shoulder rotation so she already create a lot of coil through this area, the his roundup against the shoulders, and then from this position she will drive the left hip back towards the golf ball very quickly again creating even more of sort of rotational spring loading effect if you like, the shoulders one way the hips are winding up the other way, then as the hips open up that’s going to pull the hands and arms down towards to the golf ball as well and now everything starts to work in unison the hips, the chest, the shoulders, the hands all moving to the left hand side as fast as possible. The one thing that she delays is the shaft and the clubhead. She holds the shaft and the clubhead back creating even more lag angle through here. So it’s one angle going up, it’s even more angle coming down to the golf ball and this is all stored power and then at the last minute when everything is unwinding the clubhead comes through nicely, the clubhead squares it brilliantly at impact to give a good accuracy but also it accelerates to impact to give a maximum distance and that’s why the 269 yard average drives can come from even with a small frame it takes fantastic technique and great timing, but if you are not the biggest of guys or girls and you want to try and get as much distance out there on the golf ball as possible you can do it, good technique, lots of lag, lots of winding up and good solid one piece impact position, everything is swinging together as a nice connected unit.

So a couple of exercises for you there waited club exercise get yourself a nice heavy club or even get two clubs and swing two clubs together and you will feel how your body starts to create a bit more power and everything turns together as one unit, maybe an impact bag, so you get an impact bag you don’t need to hit golf balls with this, you just hit into the side of the back and feel how you can create lag coming into the impact back and then drive down into it, any time you flick into an impact bag, it feels really awkward and really quite strange and quite weak. So by hitting into the side of the impact bag really aggressively that’s great technique. If you can practice those sort of drills and those exercises maybe you can start trying to hit it 269 as an average yardage.